3 EASY vegan BBQ Side Dishes (for lazy people)

Summer BBQ recipes can be a challenge for vegans, so in today’s video I wanted to share some easy side dishes to help make your next BBQ a smash. From macaroni and potato salad to a greek inspired watermelon salad, these easy vegan side dishes are perfect for the lazy vegan who wants to party!
🍉WATERMELON SALAD: https://www.theedgyveg.com/2019/07/30/watermelon-feta-mint-salad-recipe-vegan/
🥔POTATO SALAD: https://www.theedgyveg.com/2019/08/01/vegan-potato-salad-recipe-with-mustard-vinegar-dill-gluten-free-salad/
🧀MACARONI SALAD: https://www.theedgyveg.com/2019/08/01/vegan-macaroni-salad-recipe-for-bbqs/

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