5 Reasons Why We Love Eating A Fruitarian Raw Food Vegan Diet

5 Reasons Why We Love Eating A Fruitarian Raw Food Vegan Diet

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Hello fruities,

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Now, we have been going bananas for over 5 years now and in this video we wanted to talk about 5 reasons why we really enjoy a high-carb, fruitarian raw vegan diet.

1. Time! We are both parents to our young daughter, we run our own business and we like to also put time into fitness. Eating a high-carb raw vegan diet saves you just so much time! No baking or roasting for hours, no burnt pans, no washing-up greasy dishes after we’ve eaten. Our meals can be fixed in a flash, which saves us a lot of time we can then use for other things.

2. Lean-trim figure. High-carb raw food diet really is the best diet for weight loss and fitness. Due to it being hydrating and low in calories, if compared tocooked food and SAD food, you can really eat more and actually still lose weight and weight less!

3. Energy levels. We’ve never had as much energy in the past as we have now on this diet. And the fact that it remains stable throughout the day (providing you are doing this lifestyle the right way!) is a huge positive. You feel healthier, get more energy, naturally want to engage in exercise and viola – weight loss happens as a result!

4. Satiation levels. Many people think that to eat healthily you have to deny yourself and be constantly craving for other foods. Yet, this is not the case with the fruit-based raw food diet! It is highly satiating, even if compared to a high-fat raw food diet, which in itself can lead to endless cravings and health problems.

5. Clarity of mind. This sharpness of mind that you get on this lifestyle is astonishing! Being so clear in your mind allows you to to stay focused and actually be more productive at the work that you do. Another perk is that you don’t suffer from headaches, which is something we are so grateful for!

What are your top 5 reasons for enjoying this diet or wanting to switch to it?

Please share!

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Wishing you abundant health,
Paul and Yulia Tarbath

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