Best Raw Vegan Restaurant in Los Angeles I Have Found

Best Raw Vegan Restaurant in Los Angeles I Have Found

John from shares with you the best raw vegan food restaurant in Los Angeles he has ever found. John has eaten at most of the raw food restaurants in and around Los Angeles, and by far, Wild Living Foods in Downtown LA is his favorite yet.

In this episode, you will learn about this new raw food restaurant and Juice bar that opened in November 2016.

First, John will give you a tour of the restaurant, including the vegan gelato bar that is all dairy free, the organic salad bar, the elixir bar, the packaged to-go snack foods, the pre-made deli items to-go and the cold press juices, nut milks and cold brewed coffee.

Next, You will learn: where it’s located, the current hours, what it looks like on the inside, menu options, prices, how to order your food, what the food looks like, how it tastes, even a tour of the back of the house- the kitchen to learn about the commercial equipment they use to prepare all the delicious raw foods, and much, much more.

You will discover if they really use organic produce like they say they do, and what temperature their dehydrator is set at. You will learn about the special machine that makes amazing vegan gelato, the largest commercial Vitamix that John has ever seen and what Cold Press Juicer they use.

You will discover how this raw restaurant compares to the popular Sun Cafe also in Los Angeles county and which of these two places you should eat at.

Next, John and is girlfriend will review and rate the food and the restaurant so you will know if you should eat at this restaurant or not.

You will also discover a special discount you can get at Wild Living Foods by watching this OKRAW episode.

After watching this episode, you may just end up eating out at Wild Living Foods in Downtown Los Angeles, California.

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(213) 266-8254

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