After 9 days of only drinking water, I am breaking my fast! This is a video of my first bite. I talk about my experience, what I have learned, and I give guidance for those who need inspiration on how to properly break a fast or go FullyRaw vegan along with other inciteful tips on how to feel your best no matter what.

Disclaimer: I don’t recommend to anybody to do what I’m doing. If you want to check out water fasting retreat, please google a place that suits you. I’m going to be continuing to do my fast, VLOGGING, and if you want to follow me daily check it out on Snapchat. (screenname: FullyRaw)

Primarily I want to talk about the healing that is going on in my body, and I wasn’t going to share this because I was scared of what other people would think but then I thought I’ve done worse things before and he perhaps sharing this information could help somebody so that’s why am sharing it.

My first few days of this fast have been great although I don’t recommend anybody working while doing this. I wasn’t able to get away, and I worked the first three days of my fast. My second day was the worst, but today I feel amazing and I’m hopefully going until Sunday. I’m gonna post another video update for you on Sunday and then maybe perhaps share another video of how I’m breaking the fast to show people the proper way to do this so they don’t put on extra weight so they keep their body clean and then they start fresh with a new body, mind, and spirit.

I’m sure they’re going to be a lot of haters out there who are probably going to say oh ‘she’s doing it to lose weight because everybody said she was fat.’ Honestly, I’m really happy in my body and I have not lost weight doing this yet maybe like a pound which just shows you how resilient my body is. I’m proud of my body. I am a woman with shapes and curvnes, and I think I look incredible for being 28 years old having lived a raw vegan lifestyle.

Regardless of anything I’m proud of myself for doing this and for being open and vulnerable enough to share this with you guys because I was afraid at first but now I’m not afraid anymore and I feel so confident and joyous sharing my life with you even if it means sharing the good and the bad and all of the emotions in me being sensitive with it it just means I’m courageous on a completely different level and that I want to be here to help people no matter what because my experience can help other people.

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