Healing on a Raw Vegan Diet – 6 Weeks Update

Healing on a Raw Vegan Diet – 6 Weeks Update

A quick update on our healing journey 6 weeks after the accident plus some special announcements!

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Learn more about Dr Rick and Karin Dina’s Mastering Raw Food Nutrition Course here http://therawadvantage.com/mastering-raw-food-nutrition-with-dr-rick-and-karen-dina/

Help us on our healing journey and learn more about the accident on our gofundme page https://www.gofundme.com/donations-for-chris-and-kamilla

Check out my recent video sharing “What I eat in a day in the Hospital – Raw Vegan” https://therawadvantage.com/2018/08/what-i-eat-in-a-day-in-the-hospital-raw-vegan/

Learn more about the TRA Dream 501c3 non profit Charity aimed to create donation based healing / education centres around the world https://therawadvantage.com/the-raw-advantage-dream-tradream/

Check out my newest raw recipe book “Frickin Rawsome Pizza” low fat gourmet recipes!

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Flowing as a RHN in Loving service, helping those in need as a consultant and full time live in Coach. Bringing conscious thought word and deed into a Holistic High vibing Raw Food Lifestyle to help create increased health, happiness, fitness and increased calm.

RHN 100% Raw Food / Transitional Lifestyle Coach, Kendalini Yoga Teacher/Creator, Kundalini and Raw Power Teacher, 811rv Chef, Low Fat Raw Gourmet Chef, Skateboard Genie

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