Honey Badger of the Jungle (Tayra) & Animals Eating Raw Duck Eggs ~ Trail Camera Video

Honey Badger of the Jungle (Tayra) & Animals Eating Raw Duck Eggs ~ Trail Camera Video

The Tayra or Tolomuco is the the honey badger of the Jungle. He makes his appearance known when fallen whistling duck eggs are set out in the jungle. trail camera action and trail camera footage of what happened when 22 Black Bellied Whistling Duck Eggs crashed down from a Palm Tree and we didn’t know how to help these duck eggs hatch. A panicked mother duck whistled and whinnied as she looked down at the ruined eggs from another tree. They could not go back up…30 feet onto a palm branch. I put them in front of some Bushnell trail cameras and got some awesome trail camera action and several trail camera videos of animals eating duck eggs. This happened in the rainforest of Costa Rica.

We learned that several female Black Belly Whistling Ducks will lay eggs in one mother’s nest and not have to care for the eggs. It is habit called egg dumping. It became unclear if the frantic whinnying duck was the actual nest mother or just a passing egg dumper that was shirking all motherly responsibilities that ruined everything! It would be impossible for these duck eggs to hatch.

I considered eating the duck eggs but were not sure what level of maturation they were in and I was not ready to try Black Belly Whistling Duck version of Filipino balut !! I placed them with surplus bananas in front of our trail cameras and waited. The trail camera video showed Eight(Ocho!) different animal species came for a snack of raw duck eggs and bananas. You can eve hear them eating the duck eggs ASMR in some cool trail camera footage .

So who won the challenge? By far it was our reliable old Tayra , Juan Hung Lo! Tayras are related to honey badgers. This Tayra ate over 8 duck eggs that we know of, and possibly a couple of more. In much of Central America , the Tayra is known as the Tolomuco. In some places he is call “old head”.

While this video is is funny, we learned a lot from this experiment. The biggest epiphany is that Agouti fruit/nut/vegetable eating rodents will eat an egg for an easy meal. Also that Curassows will peck at other birds’ eggs. We also collected data for our ongoing research.

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As some one who spent a 30 year work career placing items in front of the camera, I have learned a thing or two about this art. You want the objects to stand out and be recognizable. Trail cameras record in color AND black and white. The still objects need to command attention as the an animal comes in to interact with them. Further more, there are not many 🍌🥚 combinations I could have used. It could have been 🍌🥚🥚 or 🥚🥚🍌 but 🥚🍌🥚seemed more symmetrical …and made logical sense for using a banana and two eggs!
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All music in the video is licensed through Apple via iMovie and the YouTube music library.

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