How to make raw cat food – Homemade recipe for healthy cats

How to make raw cat food – Homemade recipe for healthy cats

In this video you will learn the best diet for cats and how to make your own raw cat food, affordably, in your own home. This video includes recipe and demonstration on how to make your very own healthy cat food for your feline friend! By switching to homemade raw cat food, your pet will be one of the healthiest, handsomest cats in the world and because of this refreshing change in their diet, another perk will be that you will also save on vet bills.

Transitioning your cat to a raw meat diet may take several weeks, depending on the age of the cat, but be patient, and try adding a little bit of the raw chicken to their regular food each meal, slowing increasing it over several weeks. Eventually they will prefer the taste of the raw food, and your cat will show signs of improved health. Switching to raw cat food will be well worth it, but you need to keep things super fresh.

A great and unexpected perk you will get from switching your cat’s food to fresh raw meat – is that the cat litter box will have virtually no odour! Check out my video on how to eliminate cat box odor!

When you first purchase the chicken from the store, make it that same day. Don’t wait till tomorrow. I usually shop for my fresh meat on a Friday when the grocery store is gearing up for a busy weekend. I almost never buy on a Monday, as these meats have usually been refrigerated for a few days already. While this is fine for humans that will cook the meat, if your cat is eating a raw diet, you will want as fresh as possible.

Once I have made up a batch of homemade raw cat food, I portion out the cat food into small containers. Then I freeze the portions for later use. Every morning, I take out 2 portions to thaw in the fridge so that I am constantly rotating what is partially thawed, and what is ready for eating. So basically I thaw mine in the fridge for 24 hours and they are still good. It is important to not have more than 2 days worth in the fridge at any given time. If you keep your home made cat food fresh, your cat will like it more and eventually prefer it to other foods. If you wait too long to serve it, they may not eat it because they can tell it is not fresh. Cat’s are smart. They know what they want.

– meat cleaver
– cutting board
– large bowl
– meat grinder (I use the LEM Big Bite Grinder 0.75HP)

Ingredients to make your own raw cat food:
– Chicken thighs (bone-in)
– Chicken livers
– Chicken hearts
– Chicken gizzards
– 1 can of pumpkin
– 4 egg yokes
– Wild salmon oil
– Vitamin E
– Taurine
– Vitamin B

I use the raw cat food recipe found at

Watch this video to learn tips and tricks on how you can make this super easy, super healthy pet food in your own home.

Disclaimer & Liability Release: I am not a licensed veterinarian or vet tech – I am a cat owner, and cat lover. I have researched this recipe for my own cat and he is healthier for it. If you are seeking proper medical advice for your cute kitty always consult with your veterinarian.

A good documentary to watch to learn more about what is in your pet’s food is “Pet Fooled” which is available on Netflix.

An excellent video to watch about the quality of pet food out there is “The Best and Worst Foods for Your Pet” with Dr. Karen Becker. Watching is changed the way I feed my pet for sure. Here is the link to that video.

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