I Feed my Husky RAW MEAT (and you should too!) #OuratheServiceHusky

I Feed my Husky RAW MEAT (and you should too!)  #OuratheServiceHusky

A raw diet is the healthiest food you can give your dogs and I will show how I manage to provide a well rounded diet for the month with fairly easy prep. Obviously its always going to take a little bit of time to prep everything, but I’ve come up with a pretty simple way of doing things that keeps us organized and am excited to share and encourage others to make the switch to providing their dog a happy healthy lifestyle, starting with what they put in their fluffy little tummies!
Join me and my service dog, Oura, as I show you how to feed your dog a raw diet! I talk a little bit about the benefits, (how it has benefited MY dog) and then I will show how I prep a months worth of food for my service dogs meals!

Check out the great resources I’ve provided below for more information if you’re thinking about getting started !

****The Raw Feeding Community (facebook):

****Raw Diet Calculator (as seen, used in this video!) :
(also, click around and check out the rest of perfectlyrawsome.com for MUCH more great information! This is one of my favourite website and has so much to offer! )
calculator: https://perfectlyrawsome.com/pmr-barf-dog-cat-raw-feeding-calculators/

*****Getting started / Sourcing Raw Food:

**All about feeding Organ Meat**

**General guide to average bone percentages in bone-in meat!:

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