Journey to RAW Feeding my Dogs | Documenting Full Transformation via Raw Dog Diet!

Journey to RAW Feeding my Dogs | Documenting Full Transformation via Raw Dog Diet!

Welcome to our journey to raw! This is the start of a NEW life of raw feeding our dogs. This has been something I have extensively researched for the last year, and I am ready to go ALL in. I will be documenting their progress so you can witness the transformation. Subscribe and turn on your notification bell so you don’t miss this. Links below!!!


National Raw Feeding Week!!!

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Raw feeding tips: When feeding raw bones, always supervise 24/7, remove small broken fragments. Only give your dog a bone that is suitable for their size and chewing strength. Some days gulp bones/meat too fast, and in those situations, you can avoid giving them bones. Always give bones under supervision and permission of a trained adult, and seek guidance and help from veterinary professionals if needed. Thanks!

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*Please note, do not try anything anything in this video at home without parent supervision and approval. Also, I am not a professional dog trainer, nutritionist or veterinarian. Any recos, suggestions or advice are simply my opinion. Please always seek professional guidance before taking any action. Please foster, train and feed at own risk under adult supervision and approval. Above links may include affiliate and/or sponsored links.

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