Moringa Capsule Review: Learn Exactly What's Inside These 8 Moringa Capsules!

Moringa Capsule Review: Learn Exactly What's Inside These 8 Moringa Capsules!

Educate yourself on the Best Moringa capsules and know what you are buying!

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Since Moringa leaves are green are you wondering why so many Moringa capsules are brown?

Do your Moringa capsules contain “Other Ingredients” such as:
Calcium carbonate (Bulk filler/diluent)
Magnesium stearate (Flow agent to make the powder flow into capsules faster)
Silica (Also a flow agent)
Silicon dioxide (Also a flow agent)

If so, what percent of the total capsule contents are other ingredients besides Moringa? 1%, 10%, 75%? We couldn’t find out from the reading the labels either ….

Did you really want to be eating these “Other Ingredients” Every Day?


Do you just want pure, fresh, bright green Moringa Leaf powder? We can help!

A Healthy Leaf Moringa Capsules/Moringa Pills Overview

Moringa capsules are a great option for adding Moringa to your diet. The pills are vegan and are simply vegetable capsules (not gelatin capsules) that have been filled with 100% pure Moringa oleifera leaf powder. That means all the amazing benefits of Moringa powder also apply to our Moringa pills!

Reasons for Using Moringa Pills vs. Powder
It’s commonly acknowledged that diet and nutrition play a huge role in long-term disease prevention. Eating Moringa every day is a powerful way to increase your personal health and capsules are the most convenient way to accomplish that goal.

Taste: Many people can easily incorporate the powder into their smoothies or meals but not everyone can. For those that have tried to incorporate Moringa powder into their diet and just can’t, or those that don’t want to bother, the pills are a great option!

Convenience: For those days when you don’t have time to make your favorite Moringa smoothie or dish, grab a few pills; and you are good to go! You never have to go a day without Moringa again.

Travel: When traveling, it’s easier to grab a bottle of pills for the road than to bring along your bag of powder. When you are away from your kitchen, the pills make eating Moringa consistently a breeze.

Many use Moringa capsules to:

Boost the immune system
Increase energy levels
Reduce blood sugar levels
Reduce blood pressure
Reduce cholesterol
Reduce inflammation and joint pain
Increase libido
Treat ulcers
Treat or completely prevent cold sores (Herpes Simplex Virus)
Balance hormones and slow the effects of aging down
Improve digestive health
Protect against arsenic poisoning
Treat and protect against liver dysfunction
Moringa Capsules Nutritional Value
With a list of benefits like shown above you won’t be surprised to learn that Moringa powder is a source of over 90 nutrients, and is acclaimed for having 47 anti-oxidants and 36 anti-inflammatories. It also contains 25% protein. The protein is a complete plant protein which contains 18 amino acids including all 9 essential amino acids! In the case of Moringa, the synergistic effect of all these bioavailable nutrients is incredibly powerful.

This is definitely one food you want to add to your diet and take each and every day!

Moringa Capsules Daily Intake
There is no set number for how many Moringa capsules you should consume each day. Remember, Moringa capsules simply contain a powerful raw food. Generally speaking though you will want to start by taking at least 4 capsules (1.6 grams of Moringa powder) daily. After a week or two, you can double your daily intake to 8 capsules a day if desired. Again, there are no rules with eating Moringa. It’s a healthy, whole food; and we love it!

Feel free to take your Moringa capsules with or without a meal, in the morning and evening or simply take them all at once at any time of the day.

When you feel you are coming down with sickness, experiencing a lot of stress, or struggling to get the sleep as your body needs, consider taking more capsules than your normal daily amount–these are the situations where Moringa makes a tremendous difference!

Processing the Moringa Leaves:
Our drying method preserves nutrients and minimizes contamination.
After being harvested by hand, washed, and then rinsed, the Moringa leaves are placed into a dryer. The whole leaves are dried at a maximum temperature of 114 °F. Using this temperature controlled drying facility minimizes the time it takes for the leaves to dry while still keeping the powder a raw food product. This is important for both the purity and nutrient retention of the product. Open sun drying of the leaves, for example, causes the highest level of nutrient loss while shade drying is slow and puts the product at high risk of contamination.

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