My Weekly Raw Food Stash!

My Weekly Raw Food Stash!

This week celebrates my 7-year RAW BIRTHDAY! I am SO excited about this accomplishment! It has been an amazing journey, and I am still not “fully ripe!” There is way too much fruit left to eat! Because this is my raw birthday week, I wanted to make a video for you that is more personal than usual. I show you my weekly raw food stash at home! I’ll share with you everything that I eat in a week and show you HOW much to have in your house to keep you FullyRaw! Please enjoy, celebrate, and share this beautiful bounty with me!

Because it’s my raw birthday week, I have also recapped my 7-year journey living FullyRaw on my blog page at Double bonus! 😉

I hope that you read my heart-felt message. Thank you for being the most beautiful people in my life! I cannot wait to experience the next 7 years with all of you!

Here is the list of My Weekly Stash:

Huge Crate of Figs (About 2 Cases from the Grocery Store)
7-8 Lbs of Dates
Quarter Case Bannaas (4-5 Bunches)
Half Case Peaches
Half Case Nectarines
Case Zucchini (16-18 Large)
Half Case Cucumbers (7-8)
Half Case Oranges (40)
Case Tomatoes (Unlimited!)
Case Cherry Tomatoes
2-3 Cases of Berries (At LEAST 24-36 Containers)
Handful of Nuts or Seeds (Not Many)
Herbs like Basil, Oregano, Cilantro, and Ginger
Half Case of Kale (12 Heads)
Half Case of Romaine or Spinach (12 Heads)
4 GIANT Watermelons
Quarter Case Apples (15-20)
Quarter Case Lemons (20)
Extra Bunches of Swiss Chard or Celery

My produce comes from my local produce co-operative here in Houston, Texas called Rawfully Organic.

If you are wondering how to afford a bounty of organic and local produce, please stay tuned for the next video: “How to Afford 100% Raw”

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