[Part 2] Ready To Go Raw Vegan? 10 Common Beginner Questions!

[Part 2] Ready To Go Raw Vegan? 10 Common Beginner Questions!

This video is the second installment of a two part series. To view part 1 click here: https://youtu.be/hGRUzkph1k4

The two biggest fears I see people struggling with when it comes to transitioning to a raw vegan diet is one, the social and relational aspect; fear of changing our relationships or ruining our relationships. Two, is fear that our body is dumb and will just get sick and not know how to recover, in other words, disconnection from the wisdom of our body and the natural laws that govern it.

When we strive for personal growth, empowerment, radiant health, transcending our emotional limitations, we realize it is a path that we must take alone. Yes it is scary, but when we increase the energetics of our being and radiate the truth of our divine presence, we will find that loving and supportive people are everywhere and are attracted to us like soul family. There is a metamorphosis that must take place. We might lose illusions along the way but untimely we find the truth of who we really are.

Topics Discussed In This Video – Timestamps:
:56 1) Why did my body deteriorate on a fruitarian diet?
7:52 2) What supplements do you take as a raw vegan?
14:54 3) Do you recommend going 100% raw cold turkey or transitioning slowly?
17:52 4) Why do some doctors say a raw vegan diet isn’t good for everyone?

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