Protein on a Raw Vegan Diet | Vegan Protein Sources

Protein on a Raw Vegan Diet | Vegan Protein Sources

Wanna see where I get my protein when eating a raw vegan meal? Watch me chow down on some lettuce and dates. If you’re vegan, or have even thought about being vegan, chances are someone has asked you “but where do you get your protein?” Get more info in the links below

➣ Protein Advice From A Doctor:

➣ Vegan Nutrition Series with Dr. Greger Playlist:

➣ Vegan Health, Nutrition & Fitness:

➣ Dr. Greger on Iodine:

➣ Where Do I Get My Protein?:

➣ Epic Vegan Meal Time (Decadent Vegan Food!):
Health, Nutrition & Fitness Playlist:


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