Raw Vegan Diet What You Need to Know to Succeed – 50 Years of Know-How Shared

Raw Vegan Diet What You Need to Know to Succeed – 50 Years of Know-How Shared

In this episode, John has special guest, Paul Nison of the Raw Life Health Show and they share with you what they have learned over the last 50 years combined eating a raw foods diet so you can fast-track yourself to success and not be another statistic. You will learn about 36 individual topics, some of which can be controversial, and what John and Paul think about each of these topics. While John and Paul may not always agree on every single topic, you will discover that over their life journey, they have come up with many similar conclusions and views about the majority of these topics.

In this episode, the following topics will be discussed:
0:05:58 What do you think about Fruit?
0:10:00 What are your thoughts on Cooked food?
0:14:38 Is Salt Healthy?
0:18:39 Vegan vs Eating Animals?
0:25:28 Is Oil Healthy or Not?
0:29:08 Fitness?
0:33:16 Nuts
0:37:05 Supplements
0:41:55 Juicing
0:46:28 Chocolate / Cacao
0:51:25 Garlic and Onions
0:55:35 Kombucha
1:00:35 Hemp CBD / Whole Hemp Products
1:09:22 Wine or other Alcoholic Beverages
1:12:25 Cannabis THC
1:22:10 Magic Mushrooms / Psychodelic Drugs
1:26:25 Beans
1:33:30 Sleep
1:38:30 Leafy Green Vegetables
1:47:30 Spiritual Beliefs
1:51:40 Organic Food
2:00:00 Amount of food we need to eat
2:04:40 Homegrown Food Important?
2:13:00 Fruit vs Fat?
2:18:30 Eating Food Late at Night
2:23:00 Keto Diet
2:28:10 Intermittent Fasting
2:32:04 What kind of Water
2:37:30 Conscious Eating / Mindful Eating
2:42:52 Relationship and Dating
2:47:09 Blending
2:51:44 How Important is it to look healthy
3:01:24 Essential Fats
3:06:20 Dehydrated Foods

After watching this episode, you will get an education about eating a raw vegan food diet from two long-term educators and people living this lifestyle for 50 years combined.

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