Symptoms: What We May Feel After Eating Cooked Food

Symptoms: What We May Feel After Eating Cooked Food

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Loren discusses the various symptoms that can occur from eating cooked foods, sharing a list sent by a client and friend. Watch and understand why eating cooked food virtually guarantees that you don’t come close to optimizing your health and vitality.

Hi I’m Loren Lockman. I’m the Director of the Tanglewood Wellness Center in Costa Rica and have been coaching people to better health since 1992, and supervising water only fasts since 1997. I’ve guided more than 10,000 people through water-only fasts averaging 24-25 days and have seen countless “miracles” over the years. I am completely committed to helping you optimize your health and well-being in every way. Enjoy the videos, and don’t forget to like and share them if you do! All the best for Your optimal health! Visit our website for more information about our water fasting retreat:


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