The Dark Lighthouse – Day In The Life Of A Breatharian – Video Breakdown

The Dark Lighthouse – Day In The Life Of A Breatharian – Video Breakdown

The Dark Lighthouse – Day In The Life Of A Breatharian – Video Breakdown 🔥 Visit my new fitness blog!

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Sometimes you guys requests videos and I think you’re trolling me. This Breatharian nonsense is one of those times.

Apparently, being a Breatharian just means that you breathe deeply several hours a day. This guy doesn’t chew his food either, he is on the liquid diet.

I don’t know what that says about the breatharian diet. It seems to be a spirituality thing. I’ll bet this guy has a lot to say about prana and pranic living.

When it comes to spiritual growth, self mastery and raw food go hand in hand. This guy is a vegan though and seems to be somewhat spaced out. Is that because he’s low on certain nutrients? I’m not sure, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

All that said, he does say some intelligent things in this video. I would say I probably agree with 50% of the stuff he says when it comes to lifestyle. Health-wise though I’m gonna say we differ on a bunch of stuff.

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