What I Eat In A Day: Raw Vegan!!!

What I Eat In A Day: Raw Vegan!!!

I’ve been eating all raw again for 1 week and I’m feeling GREAT! I hope that you enjoy this HIGHLY requested video! 🙂

What I ate in this video:
– Banana Papaya Smoothie + Vanilla Garden Of Life Raw Vegan Protein Powder
– 4 Coconut Date Rolls
– 1/2 Golden Dewlicious Melon
– Smoothie Bowl (frozen bananas + water, topped with berries)
– Salad + Nori Wraps

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» If you made it all the way to the bottom of this description comment ‘I am worthy of feeling healthy’ on this video. 🙂

I love you unconditionally.
~ Alyse

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