Why This Vegan Diet Can Cause Cancer-Dr John McDougall

Why This Vegan Diet Can Cause Cancer-Dr John McDougall

There is a particular food item that many vegans include which may promote cancer growth. Even some people on plant based diets include this food. In this video we will learn why the type of vegan diet shown in the cover photo is not healthy for us and can put us at a higher risk of developing cancer. Keep listening as Dr John McDougall tells us more….

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Original Video

Dietary polyunsaturated fat versus saturated fat in relation to mammary carcinogenesis.

The Genesis and Growth of Tumors. Effects of a High-Fat Diet

Dietary Fat and Breast Cancer – Oxford Journals – Oxford University …

Experimental Evidence of Dietary Factors and Hormone-dependent Cancers

Dr McDougall’s Website

Healthiest Diet On The Planet-Book

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